Notable Safe Cell Installations

Who buys the Safe Cell?

Port authorities, federal Superfund nuclear waste cleanup crews, equipment manufacturers, and over 4,000 American families

Safe-Cell-mounted-in-an-armoured-guard-house-480wThe Safe Cell is the most popular NBC air filtration system in America . Features such as the integrated automatic battery backup and the external automatic ventilation blower set it apart from every other NBC filter made today.

It’s lightweight polymer housing lets take the entire unit out of your shelter, change the filters, and bring it back in – the safest way there is to install new filters.





Safe-Cell-auto-external-mount-excavator-1-800wIn 2003, the Safe Cell was selected to protect heavy equipment operators removing radioactive debris from the Rocky Flats Nuclear Plant. These Safe Cells were mounted on cabs of excavators and dump trucks to overpressure the cab and isolate the operators from the plutonium, carbon tetrachloride, beryllium, and tritium that was in the soil they were removing.



Because there was very little room in the small cabs, American Safe Room designed custom enclosures that mounted on the roofs. The configuration of these filters had to change as well. Normally, the Safe Cell mounted inside the protected space and the blower draws the air through the filters. As per the US Army Corps of Engineers Technical Letter ETL 1110-3-498 – Design of Collective Protection Shelters to Resist Chemical, Biological, and Radiological (CBR) Agents, when the NBC filter is mounted outside the protected space, the blower needs to push the air through the filter bank.


harbor-patrol-interdiction-boat-1-800wThe Safe Cell has been selected by four different boat manufacturers to protect the crew and interdiction teams in harbor patrol boats used in major American ports. There are 11 boats in use now that have Safe Cells.

These boats are used to inspect cargo ships and insert interdiction teams onto the ship when a threat is suspected. If a nuclear, chemical, or biological event were to happen, the Safe Cell will allow them to safely remain on station to support and remove the team.

Safe-Cell-mounted-in-a-harbor-patrol-boat-800wThese two Safe Cells were installed in an armored patrol vessel that is currently in use in a major American seaport for the exfiltration of high value targets in the event of a terrorist attack.

They were installed and tested by the boat manufacturer and have been received and commissioned by the port authority.

Safe-Cell-mounted-in-a-cargo-inspection-vehicle-594wA major defense contractor selected the Safe Cell to protect a series of cargo inspection vehicles that use X-ray imaging to determine if nuclear devices are present in shipping containers.

Our engineer worked with the manufacturer so they could switch the unit remotely and have the air bypass the filter bank to provide ventilation when there were no airborne threats.




Safe-Cell-in-a-military-vehicle-800wThe Safe Cell was selected to be installed in a series of armored snow vehicles made by a defence contractor in Europe for a military customer in Asia. American Safe Room received an export licence for these units from the US State Department Directorate of Defense Trade Controls.

They were mounted inside the cab of the vehicle, switched remotely, and used to provide overpressure protection for the crew.


Blast-valves-ready-to-ship-800wThis batch of 70 blast valves was manufactured by American Safe Room and delivered to a military installation in the Middle East to be installed in an anteroom of a bunker. An anteroom is a small blast resistant room adjacent to a protected space where a matrix of blast valves are installed. The air is drawn from this room by the NBC air filters and discharged into the protected space.

These blast valves are rated at 7 bar (101 PSI). That is 7 times the atmospheric pressure at sea level. They are heavy steel pressure vessels that allow low pressure air to move in either direction through them, but shut automatically for high pressure or vacuum events.

Safe-Cell-mounted-in-an-armoured-guard-house-480wWe manufactured several Safe Cells that were installed in mobile armored guard houses. A custom mounting system was designed and built by the manufacturer.

American Safe Room provided CAD models that were incorporated into the layout drawings. The Safe Cells were mounted near the ceiling in order to save floor space.





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