NBC Filters Compared

Four popular NBC air filtration systems compared by price and airflow:

60 CFM Safe Cell NBC air filtration system


American Safe Room

Airflow: 60 CFM
Price: $4,490
Cost per CFM: $75

120 CFM Safe Cell NBC air filtration system


American Safe Room

Airflow: 120 CFM
Price: $6,965
Cost per CFM: $58

NBC air filter


Beth El

Airflow: 105 CFM
Price: $9,999
Cost per CFM: $95

NBC air filtration system


VA 150

Airflow: 88 CFM
Price: $7,103
Cost per CFM: $81

These airflow values are taken from the manufacturer’s data. Be sure and note that we are comparing these filtration systems with a common unit of measure – cubic feet per minute (CFM) and common filtering method – full NBC air filtration, not “fresh” air supplied without any filtration. The Safe Cell has a separate blower for fresh air and the other systems allow you to bypass their filter cartridge using the same blower, putting additional hours on the blower you will depend on in an emergency.

All of these systems come with intake and outflow blast valves, an overpressure valve (integrated into the outflow blast valve on the Beth El and Andair), and a backup hand crank. The Safe Cells also feature an integrated battery backup system – unavailable on any other NBC filtration system.

Other considerations are shipping costs and availability. The Safe Cell is manufactured in the United States and we normally have stock for immediate shipping – both filtration systems and spare filters. The 100 and 200 series complete systems ship free of charge to your door by UPS Ground. The Beth El and Andair are typically shipped from Israel and Switzerland to the nearest international airport. The customer has to pick it up there or arrange shipping to their home. Air shipping and customs fees are usually added to the price.

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