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Since 2001 we have sold thousands of Safe Cell NBC air filtration system, blast doors, blast hatches, and bomb shelter kits. They are in use right now in underground bunkers, safe rooms, nuclear power plants, chemical plants, and other industrial applications.
If you are building a safe room or underground bomb shelter, contact our sales department. We give free phone consultations for blast protection and air filtration. We mark up customer drawings, give detailed quotations, and provide technical support before and after the sale.



The Safe Cell NBC air filtration system was designed in 2001 by American Safe Room’s CEO, Len Henrikson. He drew upon his extensive background in designing radioactive waste compactors for the US Government and followed all of the critical specifications in the US Army Corps of Engineer’s Technical Letter Number ETL 1110-3-498 – Design of Collective Protection Shelters to Resist Chemical, Biological, and Radiological (CBR) Agents.

Since then, the Safe Cell has been poorly copied twice – in Israel and again in the United States. Both copies have critical design flaws that expose their users to hazardous airborne threats. The original Safe Cell has been selected for use by port authorities, federal Superfund nuclear waste cleanup crews, equipment manufacturers, and over 4,000 American families. It’s the one to get!

Double leaf door with deadbolt cam latches

Len Henrikson also was the first to design the steel envelope concrete filled blast door. This is another design of his that has been poorly imitated. By filling the door envelope with concrete after you mount it on the wall, you get the blast, radiation, and ballistic protection of 1,700 pounds of steel and concrete, but you only have to lift a 600 pound door for installation. With four inches of concrete and 3/8 of an inch of steel, this is the door you want to stand behind during a nearby explosion, a mushroom cloud on the horizon, or a malicious person trying to gain entrance to your shelter!

Along with safe room and bomb shelter equipment, we also design, engineer, and build custom blast and missile doors for industrial and military applications. If you need industrial level protection from detonations or severe weather events, see our other website:


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