Ballistic Doors

The best safe room door

American Safe Room manufactures these pre-hung ballistic door that is engineered to protect your shelter from malicious people. They features a ballistic steel plate that is capable of withstanding multiple hits with a 7.62 NATO rifle round – UL 752 level 8 protection.

They are making rifles smaller and lighter these days. Why get a door that only stops handgun rounds?

Gun ports, viewers, and cam latches

This is the inside of the above door. Wide angle viewers flank a secure gun port at any height you need. Rotating cam latches draw the door into the frame, compressing the seal that prevents airborne toxins from entering your shelter.

This particular door has its viewers mounted below the gun port. You determine the height you want the port and viewers at time of order.

These ballistic doors come standard with weld-on wall capture brackets that hold the door frame in place from the inside.

This door has its viewers mounted above the gun port. The viewers keep your head out of the port and behind the ballistic plate.

You can have a three or five inch step over threshold, a step over frame, or a flat threshold. See page seven of the single leaf blast door manual for detail drawings of these thresholds.

We also make custom ballistic doors like this double leaf sliding door large enough to move vehicles through. It features top rail trolleys that support the weight of the door.

The ballistic plate on this door is rated for UL 752, level 8 – multiple hits with 7.62 NATO ball. We have made doors and pour in place gun ports that have been tested to 50 caliber armor piercing.

This is the inside of the sliding ballistic door. Note the deadbolt that locks the latch system in place. It operates with a key from the outside and is keyless on the inside.

Prices, availability, and ordering

The single leaf ballistic door comes in two standard sizes:
32 x 72 inches – $5,325, plus shipping and options
36 x 80 inches – $5,625, plus shipping and options
Custom sizes and options available – please contact us

The gun port and wide angle viewers come standard with this ballistic door. Most of the options in our single leaf blast door manual can be installed on our single leaf ballistic door:

Option – inward swinging door leaf – $275
Option – pour in place frame – $900
Option – outside operators (cam handles) – $575
Option – assault resistant cam latches – $575
Option – inset deadbolt assembly – $295
Option – additional fire rated door seal – $175

How to order: page five of the blast door manual has a worksheet that walks you through generating a part number that shows the size and options. You can e-mail or FAX the part number in with a delivery address and we will return a quotation – usually the same day. Financing is available for this item – just send the one minute credit application in to Partners Capitol Group.

Special order item: we usually need four weeks of build time. You arrange a 50% deposit at time order, we build the part, you arrange payment for the balance due, and we ship it right out and send you the tracking number. See our policy page for the full set of terms.

American Safe Room provides free air filtration and component blast protection shelter consultations.
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